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  • Pick Out Your Perfect Chihuahua Puppy at Petland Kennesaw!

    Are you interested in bringing home a Chihuahua for sale? Check out the difference of a Petland puppy!

    Here at Petland, we love Chihuahuas, like really love them! Chihuahuas have been a popular breed for many hundreds of years and show no slowing down. However, this pint-sized dynamo may not be right for every family, but that’s where we come in! At Petland, you receive a crash course on which puppy would be right for your family and also how best to take care of your new four-legged family member! Read along for more about how to take home a Chihuahua puppy for sale! Want to see all of the adorable Chihuahuas for sale we have in our store? Just click here for our available puppies page!

    chihuahua for sale

    What can you expect with a Chihuahua puppy?

    Chihuahuas have the most diverse color and confirmation of any other breed recognized by the AKC. They can literally come in any color under the sun, from cream to black and merle to tri-colored. Chihuahuas are also either short-haired, which is the most common, or long-haired. This means each Chihuahua for sale is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. They average anywhere from 5-12lbs and have an extremely long lifespan of 13-15 years. They have no inherent health problems and, despite their small size, are a very hearty breed.

    Personality and training

    Chihuahuas are well known for their big personalities! They are a big dog in a teeny, tiny body. They tend to bond with one or two people, so families with children need to share the responsibility of caring for a new Chihuahua puppy so they will stay loving with everyone. Chihuahuas are very intelligent, but also headstrong. This means that having a firm hand with training and housebreaking is preferred. We find that every puppy responds well to positive training and treat training! Chihuahuas are also very loyal and loving to their owners and make great pets for many types of families!

  • Looking for Teacup Puppies? Read Petland’s Newest Blog First!

    Petland Kennesaw has a wide variety of puppy breeds, including several Teacup puppies!

    Now, the word “teacup” means different things to different people. Many people use that word to advertise puppies in a way that describes their breed, like Teacup Yorkie or Teacup Chihuahua. However, it’s important to know that there are no actual breeds that use the word teacup in their official breed name. The world of small breed puppies can be a tricky one and it can be hard for potential owners to decide what is real and safe to bring home. So, if you’re in the market for teacup puppies, read along with our blog to make sure you’re in the know!

    teacup puppies

    The Petland difference!

    Here at Petland, we consider ourselves in the education business. Education in what? All things pet-related, silly! We believe that it’s our job that our customers are well-versed in the needs and requirements of every living pet that goes home. That being said, there are pets that have quite a few more requirements than others, and that’s where teacup puppies come in. There are so many more things you have to be aware of when bringing home a small puppy than say, a big, fat Golden Retriever puppy.  This is why we are very stringent with the type of families that can handle these little, tiny balls of fluff!

    Just a few of the requirements for teacup puppies

    There are many things we go over in the store before a tiny puppy goes home, so I’ll just hit the highlights here. Making sure your puppy eats is the number one most important thing you can do for the first six months of your puppy’s life. I’m talking about every couple of hours making sure the puppy is alternately eating and getting rest from activity, this can be overwhelming for people not used to this type of routine. Also, you must monitor the puppy closely every time it’s out of it’s crate. There are so many more things that can injure a very tiny puppy. And lastly, teacup puppies must be medicated and vaccinated appropriately and on a strict veterinarian schedule for their health.

    While many people who are searching for teacups are very happy when they find the pup of their dreams, it’s important to consider if you want to shoulder the responsibility. Puppies, in many ways, are like infants, with teacup puppies being the smallest among them. So, think about everything carefully before picking out a teacup puppy for sale!

  • A Victorian Bulldog Fits the Bill When it Comes to a Perfect Family Dog!

    Want to know more about the Victorian Bulldog? Read along with our blog to see if this is the puppy for you!

    The Victorian Bulldog is a well-built and athletic dog, one that has stout limbs, a broad muzzle, and wide nostrils. Eyes are set low and wide apart. Its canine teeth are large, it has a wide chest, muscular forelegs and broad shoulders. These are just a few features of the Victorian bulldog, a canine friend which many have described as a cousin to the English bulldog. They are inches taller than their cousin and have a bit more of snout and a lighter chest. Want to see all of our adorable Victorian bulldog puppies for sale in our store? Just click here for our available puppies page!

    victorian bulldog

    Haircoats and grooming

    Victorian bulldog coats are solid white, brindle, red or fawn. They shed an average amount of hair, meaning that they don’t require regular grooming, but weekly deshedding is recommended. If you’re not comfortable grooming your bulldog you can employ the services of a professional groomer. Baths can be given up to twice a month, with wipe downs or spritzes in between.

    Temperament and training

    These dogs are easy going and fit well within a family. Their loyalty and obedience make them popular with pet owners, with many of them keeping them as guard dogs. Although they may look intimidating, they are very docile and loving. Their athletic body requires regular exercise in order to keep them in shape. Although a small yard would do, at times you may need to walk them in the park and play around with other pets and children both as a socialization process, but also for keeping it in a good shape.

    Things to watch out for

    Victorian bulldogs are best suited for moderate climates, therefore they need to be in a cool place, and they normally find it difficult to cool down in hot areas. Indoor environments are the best but they also need sunshine especially when it is not very hot. High temperatures make the dog uncomfortable and should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Bichon Frise Puppies May Have a Fancy Name, But Also a Big Heart!

    Petland Kennesaw has the cutest Bichon Frise puppies for sale! Want to know more? Read along!

    Bouncy, perky and playful are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe Bichon Frise puppies. Their happy-go-lucky demeanor endear them to strangers, owners, kids and other pets. The puppies are also described as sensitive, affectionate and responsive and like being cuddled. Want to see pictures of all of our Bichon Frise puppies for sale, just click here for our available puppies page!

    bichon frise puppies for sale

    How to care for Bichon puppies

    Although the Bichon Frise as a small dog is very active, it still requires daily exercise. Vigorous indoor games can meet his daily exercise needs or better still take them for a daily walk in the yard. Their coat also requires regular brushing and combing. Trimming can be done at least twice a month. Although they don’t shed, loose hair can be entangled in their coat, therefore you have to stay on top of their grooming needs. Many people use a groomer to keep their Bichon’s coat in tip top shape.

    Affectionate and gentle demeanor

    Most dogs are playful, but Bichon Frise puppies beat them all in this department! They’re a wonderful family pet that will fit in well with others; it’ll play with other pets such as cats. The children will enjoy every moment of its play. The adults are not left behind either; it’s the type of a dog whose demeanor is gentle and affectionate, endearing itself to all the family members.

    Training and housebreaking

    Bichons are very intelligent and therefore need a firm hand when training. We always suggest positive reinforcement when training new puppies, as this will go a long way n strengthening the bond between owner and puppy. And, of course, treats are always the best way to get a new puppy, or adult dog, to do exactly what you want!


  • Poodle Puppies Are Beauty and Brains All in One Adorable, Fluffy Package!

    Not sure about taking home Poodles for sale? Check out everything that makes the dog breed awesome!

    Poodles may be known as leisure and luxury loving pets but make no mistake, they were originally bred to be a working breed. It may be hard to tell when you see a primped up Poodle in the ring, but original Poodles were water retrievers, a task that required jumping into the water and fetching for hunters. The English name which is commonly used, Poodle, comes from a German word for splash of water. Want to see all of our precious Poodles for sale? Just click here for our available puppies page!

    Poodles for sale

    Variety of poodles

    Poodles come in three sizes; we have the small ones, medium-sized and the largest. They are Toy, miniature and the standard. The standard size is the oldest of them all; whereas the smaller ones came from selective breeding. Despite their small sizes, the pets are known for their playful habits. They are also liked for their dignified personality as well as the high level of intelligence that they exhibit.


    Their level of intelligence and keenness make them an excellent student for training. Their excellence in performance sports, coupled with agility and obedience makes them easy to train for even first time owners. They follow instructions easily and always aim at pleasing their beloved owner.

    Social pets

    Poodles are social and people friendly; they like staying close enough their families and can be lonely when they are left all alone for an extended period. To them, anytime is good for playtime and they need to be walked daily and challenged in training exercises.


    To maintain their beauty and good health, the Poodle requires extra attention and care. It isn’t surprising to see Poodle owners taking them to professional groomers, however with basic skills you can still give them the attention and care required. This can save you money, all you have to do is learn and have time for the dog.

  • Searching for a Golden Retriever for Sale? Do Yourself a Favor, Head to Petland!

    What is Petland, you say? Well, it’s your local family-owned pet store of course!

    Here at Petland, the Golden Retriever puppy is one breed that we absolutely love to place with families! There aren’t many lifestyles that a Golden can’t fit seamlessly into, so if you’ve got some questions about this wonderful breed, read along with our weekly blog! And if you’re looking to take home a Golden Retriever for sale, don’t hesitate to come by the store today. Want to see all of our adorable Golden Retriever puppies for sale, just click here for our available puppies page!

    golden retriever for sale

    Great family companions

    There are many good reasons why the Golden has remained one of the most popular breeds in the country for so long! They are very intelligent, which makes them easy to train and perfect for first time owners. They are also extremely gentle, especially around small children or elderly people. This is another trait that causes them to be the most popular pick for service animals. Goldens are never aggressive and tend to get along very well with children of all ages, other pets and, of course, every person they come across!

    Exercise is key

    Despite the Golden Retriever’s laid back demeanor, they need regular exercise. This makes a Golden Retriever for sale a perfect workout partner, hiking buddy or anything else you can come up with! However, the Golden can fit right in with a family or owner that is not necessarily active as they do fine with several walks a day, active playtime or a romp out in the yard. Because they tend to be so laid back in the house, exercise is also necessary for them to keep a trim and muscular body shape, especially as they get older.

    Grooming requirements

    The Golden’s signature long, wavy locks can vary in color from a very light cream to a bright golden and even a reddish-brown. However, this breed is on the heavy shedding side, especially during Spring and Fall. We suggest a good quality deshedding brush, with weekly sessions to cut down on the amount of hair.

    Well, we certainly hoped you liked our blog about one of our absolute favorite breeds! Have more questions about homing a Golden Retriever for sale? Just give our knowledgeable Pet Counselors a call today!

  • Before You Head to Petland for Bullmastiff Puppies, Read All About Them!

    Bullmastiffs are often known as the “American Mastiff”, but their history tells a different tale!

    Described as a relatively new breed, the Bullmastiff’s origins can be traced to way back in the mid 19th century England, precisely around 1860. They are associated with the English gamekeepers who required large, brave and quiet dogs which they could use to track down poachers and increase the chances of capturing them. I know, I know! You thought they were just supposed to sit around and look cute, right? Well, they are cute, but also a working breed! Want to see all of our adorable Bullmastiff puppies for sale before you finish our blog, just click here! And don’t worry, we don’t mind!

    bullmastiff puppies

    How the Bullmastiff breed came to be

    To get a dog that could give them such characteristics, historians think that they experimented with several dogs, but eventually a Mastiff and Bulldog cross breeding gave them the desired results. A mastiff was large, but when it came to aggression, it was way below a bulldog. The bulldog, on the other hand, was tenacious and brave, but performed poorly in terms of size and knocking down and holding a poacher. A cross breed of these two dogs led to a breed that would perform the required duty perfectly, as it was reported that poaching declined and the Bullmastiff acquired a new role, guarding! With that brief history, it becomes clear the awesome traits that made the Bullmastiff perfect for it’s previous role also make it perfect for families!

    Bullmastiff puppies have enduring personality traits

    As we already know, the Bullmastiff acquired the braveness of a bulldog and confidence of a mastiff. Bullmastiff puppies come off as fearless and confident, they are also obedient and easy to train as long as they are challenged and given treats. Some describe them as independent thinkers, albeit very intelligent and eager to please. Getting a Bullmastiff for young children is like giving them a playmate and a protector all rolled into one! While they will fiercely guard their families, they are unfailingly tender towards small children and other animals. We think the Bullmastiff is a great breed for many types of families! Come check our Bullmastiff puppies out today!

  • Petland Kennesaw Has All the Breeds of Bulldog Puppies for Sale!

    With the different breeds in the Bulldog category, it can be hard to know which Bulldog puppy for sale might be right for you!

    But fear not! This is where our knowledgeable staff comes in here at Petland Kennesaw. Researching different bulldog breeds is all well and good, but trying to remember which size goes with which breed or how high the exercise requirements are through each stage of life can be mind-boggling! Another thing that can be difficult is trying to see all these puppies in person, so you know for sure which puppy will bring the most joy to your household. Which is why so many people opt for our local, family-owned and operated pet store! With our over 50 different breeds of puppies of all different sizes, you are bound to find what you’re looking for. Want to see the Bulldog puppies for sale we have in our store right now, just click here!

    Still deciding on whether or not a Bulldog puppy is for you? No problem! Read more below about the most popular Bulldog puppies for sale.

    bulldog puppies for sale

    Let’s start with the most recognizable Smoosh-face Bulldog

    The English Bulldog is very iconic, especially here in the South. Although they originated in, you guessed it, England, they have become a beloved family member of many American families. They are also the most popular school mascot in history, that’s a lot of love! They typically weigh in at around 55-85lbs and their short, stocky appearance is almost as famous as their signature wrinkles! But what many people don’t know is that they are very active for the first several years of life, if not the entire lifespan. So if you’re looking for lazy, you might want to look elsewhere. They also cannot be subjected to even moderate heat and cold, so if you’re looking for a hiking buddy, you’ll have to sit this one out.

    They do have many great qualities though, easy to train, great with children and other pets and are always up for some love and attention from their beloved owners! With their ease of grooming and affable nature, we can definitely understand why they continue to be so very popular.

    And last, but certainly not least…the Frenchie!

    bulldog puppies for sale

    Ahhh, the French Bulldog! Beloved pet of Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman and Lady Gaga, this is one of the hottest breeds of puppy in the country right now. People can’t get enough of their signature bat ears or their famous clown-like nature. The Frenchie is similar to the English in that they have short, stout bodies, but the French Bulldog usually tops out between 18-28lbs making them considerably smaller. While the Frenchie might be rambunctious as a pup, during adulthood they are notoriously lazy.

    Frenchies also like to be “king or queen” of the household, so if you know you eventually want multiples, it’s best to get them together. It’s said that the French bulldog has personality, attitude and pizzazz are wrapped up into one small, snorty body and we believe it! Our French bulldog puppies for sale are some of the cutest around!

  • A Cockapoo Puppy is the Breed of Choice if You Want a Social and Easy Companion!

    Cockapoo puppies have been brightening the lives of families for many years! Is it time for one to brighten yours?

    Ask anyone who has ever kept a Cockapoo and this is most likely the response you will get “Cockapoo puppies are adorable and they have the personality of a big clown!” Other characteristics that you are likely to hear is that Cockapoo puppies are easily trained, hardly shed and that means you won’t have to worry about their hair being all over, in the car seats and the carpets as well as other places where they frequent. Someone also joked that they forgive quickly, I am not sure what he or she might have done to the cockapoo puppy to reach that conclusion, but it’s certain that Cockapoo puppies are affectionate, friendly to children and will never give you a dull moment.

    In case you did not know, the Cockapoo is a designer dog, a cross breed of a Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, that explains why he’s quite adorable and has a face that could melt a heart. Want to check out all of our adorable Cockapoo puppies, just click here for our available puppies page!

    cockapoo puppy

    Affectionate and Loving

    The easy going ways of a Cockapoo puppy means that it does not require attention all the time. The puppy will be happy to be left alone for a while, to play alone as it gives its owner some time to attend to other duties or even have a quiet moment. However, the dog should not be left alone for extended periods of time, it may tend to get lonely and insecure making it bark anytime it sees someone approaching.

    Amiable character

    Their social and amiable character makes them good companions, they are friendly with kids and other pets in the house. If you have children as well as cats or other pets, you will be happy to bring the Cockapoo puppy in as it will be at home and will strike up a friendship with the other occupants of the house.

  • What Do You Get with a Mini Goldendoodle for Sale? Let Petland Show You!

    Are you searching for Miniature Goldendoodles for sale? Look no further than Petland Kennesaw!

    If you have been asking whether the miniature Goldendoodle is the right breed for you, here are some facts that will help you make that decision. The next time you see the Miniature Goldendoodle for sale in a pet store or a Mini Goldendoodle for sale advertisement online, you will know what to do! Petland Kennesaw always has Mini Goldendoodles for sale in our store! Want to see pictures, just click here for our available puppies page!

    mini goldendoodle for sale

    Low maintenance

    Are you the kind of person staring at the miniature Goldendoodle for sale sign and are worried that it will require high maintenance? You’d be surprised! The coat will need consistent grooming, but it typically stays free of tangles or matting. Their energy requirements are very easy to meet, especially if you have children the Doodle will spend hours playing with them!

    Minimal shedding

    This is a dog that will not fill your car or home with hair, in fact, the Goldendoodle is recommended for people who experience allergies as it is known for minimal shedding. It’s a canine friend that will not force you to dust your car seats or carpets as they have shed their hair all over. You won’t be stressed when travelling with your new furrr-ever friend in your car or when the children are playing with it on the carpet.

    Easy to train

    The dog is known for its capacity to listen to commands and obedient demeanor. Chances are high that you will not be forced to repeat commands when it comes to this breed, training sessions are easy and enjoyable.

    Social and friendly

    If you’re looking for a dog that is social and friendly around your family, the next mini Goldendoodle for sale sign should offer you a chance to acquire a dog which fits the bill. The dog likes playing with the kids, it’s affectionate when around them. Its playful and energetic character fits well with children of all ages. You will have a good companion around the house; there will be no dull moments. A mini Goldendoodle will give you what you want, easy upkeep and maintenance, no stress, good company and lots of fun in your house.

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