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  • The History Behind Teacup Puppies

    What are teacup puppies?  

    Extremely small dogs are unofficially referred to as teacup puppies. And yes, you’re right if you think that the beverage holder is associated with the name and size of the puppies. They actually fit in teacups, hence their name! They may also be referred to as micro-dogs, as well. In either case, the term is used to describe the size of a tiny puppy and not a breed, for there isn’t one. Teacup puppies are both the result of intentional and unintentional breeding, and some are runts of the litter.


    What are the sizes of teacup puppies?

    Teacup puppies are typically under 6 pounds at their full grown weight and approximately 17 inches or less in height. Micro-dogs will weigh significantly less at 2 to 3 pounds.


    What’s the history of teacup puppies?

    A lot of people tend to lump toy and teacup puppies together and they simply think that toy dogs are a new phenomenon. In actuality, it’s the teacup puppies that are new. Toy dogs are documented as far as 12,000 B.C. Back then, several breeds were created in different sizes to serve different purposes. Some were bred as hunters, watch dogs, pet companions, or for the sole purpose of war. Also during those times, some toy and small dogs were domesticated and used as food or fur sources, while others were strictly treasured by their human families and thought of as companions. The latter was especially true for the wealthy.

    So why were there no teacup puppies during those times? It was simply because they were impractical and difficult to care for. Ancient humans had no way of doing that. The teacups of today come with more ancestral backgrounds and must be given careful maintenance of their health.


    At Petland, our teacup puppies are well cared for and healthy little ones! If you’re in the market for a teacup puppy, contact us today!

  • Petland Is Open for You

    At Petland, we work continuously hard to maintain the already great reputation that we’ve built since 1967.

    We have been helping families adopt new pets into their homes and there’s no stopping us. We are simply committed to making your relationship with your new pet the absolute best it can be. We help to accomplish this by making ourselves available to you with long Petland hours.

    Many pet supply stores service their customers with comparable hours, but how many pet stores that sell precious puppies and other pets can say the same? We are unique in a lot of ways and our Petland hours is just one of them. Monday through Friday our stores are open from 11am to 9pm. This allows many families who are considering pet ownership to visit several times a day to play and interact with their soon-to-be new pet! Lunch break visits and after work visits are easily doable!

    Also available during our open Petland hours are our onsite Pet Counselors, who have received intensive and continuous training. They are equipped to answer your questions and assist in making sure that the best pet is matched with you.

    As you can guess, weekends are rather busy because families with kids have more time to visit and play with our puppies, birds, and other small animals. Opening at 10 am, our Saturday Petland hours are slightly longer for the early and excited risers! On Sunday, we open at Noon, however, we stay open until 9pm just like every other day of the week! Normally you’ll find that most stores in general close earlier, but our Petland hours on Sundays are unique and once again caters to families and potential new pet owners.

    Having the ability to play with our pets and purchase supplies is one of many Petland perks! We are proud to open our doors to you as always. Come see for yourself.


  • Litter Box Learning 101

    Sometimes we have to remind our customers and the world that we are Petland, emphasis on the word “Pet!”

    We have other animals in our stores, besides our cute puppies. You can visit our location and find that we have a cat for sale too! In fact, we may have several. We recognize that we tend to focus on dogs a little more so we’re writing about the cute cat for sale you may want to purchase and how to care for them. In this post, we’ll discuss litter box do’s and don’ts!

    DO clean the litter box often.

    If the litter box isn’t clean and pristine, then the chances are that the cat for sale that you purchased won’t use it. They like clean areas. You should clean the litter box at least twice a day, adding more litter as needed. The actual box should be washed with baking soda or a natural unscented soap bi-weekly.

    DO have enough litter boxes.

    Unlike dogs who will favor a particular area based on their scents, cats like to have options. There is a general formula to follow. There should be two boxes per cat, so if you have two cats, you should have four boxes. This, of course, is given that you have space in your home. If you’re still in the market and haven’t gotten your cat for sale from our store yet, when you come in you’ll be able to pick out litter boxes.

    DO NOT place the litter box in busy areas.

    You will need to place your cat’s litter box in an area that’s quiet and away from her food and water bowls. If there’s too much foot traffic or if it’s too close to where she eats, she might opt to go to the bathroom elsewhere. Like humans, they want and need privacy so place it in an area that provides privacy and easy accessibility.

    DO NOT get small litter boxes.

    Cats prefer larger spaces, as opposed to dogs who prefer small and cozy ones. Ideally, the litter box should be at least one and half times the length of the cat’s body, which does not include the tail. It’s a toss-up between covered and uncovered litter boxes. Pay attention to the cat for sale you’ve purchased. If you notice that she’s a little skittish or uncomfortable with a covered one, come into our store for an uncovered litter box.


  • How To Potty Train A Dog In 7 Days

    Having a new dog in your life and home is exciting.

    It is also hard but fun work that requires discipline and consistency for you and your dog! No one likes to find pee or poo accidents in their home, so we have put together a somewhat helpful guide for you to learn how to potty train a dog in 7 days. These steps are foolproof if appropriately followed.

    Day 1

    The first thing you want to do is create a regular feeding schedule for your pup. It should be one that is realistic and fits into your plan so that you can be consistent. Puppies must have three to four small meals a day and accessibility to fresh water. Dogs work best with routines. This is how to potty train a dog in 7 days with ease.

    Day 2

    On this day, you want to create a schedule for relieving your pup. Young puppies need to be taken out every hour or so during the day. Because they eat three to four meals a day, they should be taken out 30 minutes after each meal. It’s imperative to be consistent, especially for the first 7 days. As a general rule, it is advisable that you take your dog outside to relieve himself the first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Speaking of sleep, you’ll notice that they sleep quite a bit so when your pup awakens, take him out immediately!

    Day 3

    One thing you’ll read consistently throughout this post is the actual word consistency! Learning how to potty train a dog in 7 days can be achieved with consistency! On day 3 is when you’ll take your dog to the same place to relieve himself. Whether it’s a spot in your yard or in a park, take him to the same space. He will associate his scent with the elimination location and instinctively go there each time.

    Day 4

    Today you’ll pay close attention to your dog’s behavior. Is she walking in a circling pattern? Is she whining? Perhaps she’s getting up from a nap and walking toward the door. All of these are signs that you want to pay attention to because they indicate that your pup may need to relieve herself. This type of attention to detail is how you can successfully learn how to potty train a dog in 7 days.

    Day 5

    By this day, you should be noticing fewer accidents around the house with your pup, but they do happen. Do not be discouraged. Learning how to potty train a dog in 7 days involves correcting accidents correctly and without punishment. Make a loud noise if you catch him in the act and pick him up immediately. Take him outside preferably to the spot you’ve established on day 3 and praise him once he has relieved himself. Do this repeatedly when necessary.

    Day 6

    By this day, your pup should be making fewer accidents because you’ve been adhering to the strict and consistent feeding and relief schedules.

    Day 7

    It’s day 7, and you’ve been able to detect and anticipate when your pup needs to go, and the indoor accidents have significantly decreased. Congratulations! You have learned how to potty train a dog in 7 days!


  • How to Finance a Puppy

    Maybe you haven’t planned to get a dog and just happened upon a cute puppy  at one of our Petland locations.

    Perhaps you have wanted one for a very long time but realized that you only have a portion of the funds to get the dog of your dreams. Whatever your specific case is, we have good news for you. You can finance a puppy with Petland! We have partnered with reputable lending institutions to provide our customers with this wonderful opportunity.

    Here at Petland, we understand that a pet is not always in the immediate budget. This is why we proudly offer low monthly payments to those who need it. We’ve certainly gotten questions from people who ask us if it’s strange that we offer to finance a puppy. It’s a relatively new but actually a very common practice nowadays.

    There are additional costs associated with pets, outside of the actual price of your new precious pup. Thankfully, when you finance a puppy with us you can use those funds to support those extra costs. For instance, your puppy will most likely need a crate, certainly food, a puppy bed, and some chew toys. These are simply the things you need to be a responsible pet owner, but they can really add up.

    If you don’t need to finance a puppy, but will need to pay for the extras mentioned above, we also have a Petland credit card. There is no annual fee, and you earn rewards on revolving purchases. We make the application process very easy for either way you wish to finance a puppy or its associated costs. Our process is straightforward and quick. The financing forms take soft looks on your credit. We want you to know that we will never pressure you into using either of these options because they are just that – options.


    Please do not hesitate to call us today with any questions you might have about how to finance a puppy. We are patiently and happily here for you!


  • Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

    It doesn’t matter if you have one dog or 3 cats.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a new or seasoned pet owner. There will be times when you have questions about your pup or kitten and don’t think an actual vet visit is necessary. Perhaps you just have a quick question or need some advice during a non-life threatening situation. During these times is when the staff at Solutions.Pet comes to the rescue for you!

    They have the pet solutions you need. They have experienced staff that can assist you in many situations with a variety of issues. Anytime that you contact them, they will keep detailed records of your concerns. They will also keep you up-to-date on current issues, diagnoses, and warranty questions. As a new or seasoned pet owner, nothing beats having the opportunity to speak with someone who can provide pet solutions to you and knows your exact situation. They keep in mind that you need peace of mind! They can work directly with clients, veterinarians and more to have a multi-faceted approach for providing pet solutions from difficult to easy issues.

    Solutions.Pet has live representatives available Monday – Friday from 9am to 8pm EST, Saturday from 10am to 8pm EST, and Sunday from 10am to 6pm EST. You can submit unlimited concerns online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive a response within 24 hours. The response will get you the answers you desire conveniently and diligently. Solutions.Pet helps us keep our clients and their pets happy, healthy and looking forward to a beautiful friendship together!

    We promise to provide the fastest and most exceptional service to answer all of your questions and concerns. Feel free to contact one of our pet counselors if you have any questions about how Solutions Pets works!


  • Get Your First Pet at Petland

    When you come into a Petland store, you may be surprised to learn that we have other animals for sale, not just puppies!

    Sure, puppies are the vast majority of our precious pet inventory, but we also have small animals for sale, and they are perfect for first-time pet owners. Caring for a puppy requires a lot of work and time, so many potential pet owners opt for getting smaller caged animals first before graduating to puppies and kittens. We understand, and that’s why we have other pets to meet their needs. Here are some of the small animals for sale that we have.

    Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

    Hamsters and Guinea Pigs are part of the rodent family and are popular small house pets. They don’t require a lot of previous pet ownership experience to have one, because they are caged more often than not. Give them their food and some exercise toys, and they’re good to go!


    Our bunnies are equally popular house pets. They are like a stepping stone to getting a kitten or a puppy because they are larger and require more attention to care for them. They are caged animals, but they will surely enjoy hopping around your house when you let them out. Closely monitor these small animals for sale, because they poop a lot! Don’t worry, it resembles pellet food, but still, you’ll need to clean up after them often.


    We also sell ferrets, and they are little animals that actually like the human touch. They have been around for years, but not always as human pets. They have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years and will weigh between 1.5 pounds to 4 pounds. Contact any of our Pet Counselors if you have questions about our ferret animals for sale and how to care for them.

    Various Birds

    Of the various animals for sale at Petland, birds are included! All of our hand-raised birds come from trusted bird breeders in both Georgia and Florida. We hand-raise our birds, so they tend to be very sweet, friendly and easy to handle. We also have a separate bird aviary so you can interact with all of our parrots, conures, cockatoos, and macaws!


    At Petland, we meet all of your pet’s needs. We sell toys, food, treats, bedding and much more!


  • Fun Facts About Parrots

    We are called Petland for a reason, and it’s not just because we have puppies.

    If you’re looking for parrots for sale in GA then Petland is the place to visit! You read that correctly! We are pet lovers, and that extends to our feathery flying ones, too. All of our hand-raised parrots come from trusted bird breeders in both Georgia and Florida. We also sell high-end wrought iron cages in several colors and sizes, bird food and treats, and a wide variety of toys! We have everything you’ll need to get started caring for the parrots for sale in GA that you’ve found in our store! Below are five fun facts about parrots.  

    1. Parrot Toes Are Zygodactyl

    Petland’s parrots for sale in GA are like most other birds in that they have four toes on each foot. Parrots are different from other birds however because they have two toes in front and two toes in the back. This is basically like having two pairs of opposable thumbs giving them a secure grip! They can crack the world’s hardest nuts and are skillful climbers.

    1. The Heaviest Parrot Weighs as Much as a Cat

    Parrots for sale in GA and around the world come in so many shapes and sizes. There is the tiny buff-faced pygmy that weighs the equivalence of an adult human’s finger, which is roughly an ounce. Conversely, the nocturnal kakapo found in New Zealand can weigh as much as nine pounds, which is the average weight of an adult house cat.

    1. Tasty Beaks

    Humans have roughly 10,000 taste buds, while parrots have approximately 300, which are located on the roofs of their mouths. They also have some taste glands at the back of their throats.

    1. Parrots Have Long Life Spans

    When purchasing parrots for sale in GA many potential owners may not realize that parrots are lifetime companions. They continue to set records around the world! Larger species like macaws and cockatoos are known to live between 35 and 50 years. An African grey named Tarbu lived for 55 years. The oldest parrot named Cookie died at the age of 83 years old, in 2016.

    1. The Parrot Who Knew More Than 1,700 Words

    Part of the reason that people search for parrots for sale in GA is that they are known to be talkers and mimickers, but they won’t talk as much as Puck. In 1995, Puck landed in the Guinness Book of World Records for recognizing a whopping set of 1,728 words!


    We told you that we’d share some fun facts about parrots and we weren’t lying! We’re sure that you’re even more invested in purchasing one of our parrots for sale in GA. Give us a call or stop by our store today for more information!


  • Boxers Are Such Beauties

    Adding a new dog to your home is a big fun deal, especially if you’re purchasing one of our Boxer puppies in our store!

    We have Boxer puppies that range from 8 to 16 weeks, and they are already tons of fun. Besides being absolutely adorable, our Boxers for sale come with the following:

    • They are fully vaccinated.
    • Each puppy is microchipped.
    • Our veterinarian has certified all puppies.  

    Here’s what you can expect…

    Sweet Dispositions

    Our Boxers for sale are cute and cuddly and will grow up to look somewhat intimidating to people that don’t know anything about the breed. They are actually big and playful goofballs who may seem rough, but they’re actually very lovable. They are absolutely perfect for families with children and other pets. You can take them to your local dog park and watch them have a great time playing with the other dogs.

    Quality Lives

    Our Boxers for sale can live up to 14 years as long as they are exercised properly, visit their vets regularly, and eat healthy nutritious foods. Just as with any dog, there are breed specific ailments but they can be addressed with routine vet visits! We should warn you however that these babies snore and drool and there’s nothing a vet can do about that! Oh, and we don’t happen to sell earplugs here!

    Some Stubbornness

    Here’s what we know for sure. You will rarely see any Boxers for sale highlighted in obedience competitions! This doesn’t mean that our Boxers for sale can’t be trained because they can be. It’s just that Boxers have a wee bit of a reputation for being stubborn. We like to say that they are independent thinkers and aren’t pushovers. Many Boxers will simply ignore you the first few times before they’ll decide to follow your lead! It’s quite cute, but you have to assert that you’re the boss and they’ll soon learn through consistency.


    Here’s another thing that we know for sure. Our Boxers for sale will bring you and your family such joy and constant entertainment! Feel free to stop by our store or check out our available puppies on sale today.


  • 15 Walrus Puppy Facts

    You read walrus and surely you thought of the water animal, but since you’ve landed here you must know that we’re talking about a dog!

    The Walrus dog also goes by the name of Ba-Shar because it’s a mix of a Chinese Shar-Pei and Basset Hound. They have these cute wrinkly faces and sturdy muscular bodies. Our Walrus puppies for sale are just too adorable not to take home. Here are some exciting Walrus puppy facts that shed light on their lovability.

    1.) Walrus puppies for sale are intelligent, loyal and affectionate family companions. They love to be the center of attention.

    2.) They have been recognized by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the Dog Registry of America, Inc., the American Canine Hybrid Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry.

    3.) They come in various colors including chocolate, black, white, and brown to name a few.

    4.) Walrus puppies have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years.

    5.) Our Walrus puppies for sale can grow to weigh anywhere between 30 to 60 pounds.

    6.) He loves to go on walks and is a fairly active dog who also likes to play with his toys and family members.

    7.) Unfortunately, they suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone for too long. As a result, they’ll start to howl and display destructive behavior.

    8.) Our Walrus puppies for sale are great with kids.

    9.) He is cautious around strangers and also with new experiences. Early socialization will help curtail these behaviors tremendously.

    10.) Both Basset Hounds and Shar-Peis have a stubborn streak.

    11.) Most Walrus puppies for sale have the long and floppy ears of the Basset Hound and the wrinkly faces of the Shar-Pei. Speaking of their wrinkles, keep them clean and dry to prevent infections.

    12.) He should be brushed at least twice a week.

    13.) He is low shedding but is not hypoallergenic.

    14.) He can be a good watchdog, though he rarely barks.

    15.) The Ba-Shar is intelligent and able to learn, but training can be moderately difficult. If you’re a new pet owner, you’ll want to keep this in mind and not be discouraged.


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