Summer is coming to an end, and now is the time to take a mini-vacation with your puppy. Whether it’s a weekend trip to play frisbee at the park or few days at the beach, your furry best friend is ready to get away from the daily grind and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful […]

The weather is warm and the days are long. You spend your week working so it’s only right to enjoy the weekend and head outdoors with your puppy, but if you’ve ever felt anxiety about bringing your pup with you as you seek out adventure you aren’t alone. As a pet owner, it’s fun to […]

If you’re looking for an Italian Greyhound for sale, they are extremely friendly, sweet, and loyal dogs! At Petland, we pride ourselves on taking care of and providing our customers with some of the most unique and popular dogs, like Italian Greyhounds.  They would make an excellent addition to a large family with children or […]

This post is going to be all about our precious Pomsky puppies for sale! We’ll sing their praises, of course, but we’ll also share other information about them because knowledge is power, we think! Okay, let’s delve right in…continue reading about these powerful puffballs – our Pomsky puppies for sale! Want to see our Pomsky […]

Summer’s heat can be extreme, but just imagine how your dog feels wearing a fur coat and no shoes during these high temperatures. Today we are going to discuss dog paws, which are just as sensitive and likely to burn as human feet. If you’ve ever stepped outside barefoot to experience scorching hot concrete or […]

Are you an owner of Frenchie pups or a small dog and want to know how to swim safely with them? Some Frenchie pups may need extra support in a swimming pool, this isn’t the case for all. It is best to familiarize yourself with your dog’s swimming abilities. First, test out their swimming skills […]

Are you looking for a cute, small dog breed, that is loving and affectionate? Maltipoo dogs breeds might be the way to start!  We have the right breed for you. A Maltipoo dog is an affectionate and loving dog and is a cross between a Poodle and a Maltese. They’re friendly and outgoing with a […]

They’re fox like and fancy, whether they’re females or males. We’re talking about sought after and oh so unique dogs – our Shiba Inu puppies for sale! These dogs are undeniably unforgettable and off the charts lovable! There are many reasons why people love them so, and we’re going to share a few of them […]

Finding Schnauzer puppies for sale is quite the joy because they are certainly one special breed! But of course they are one of the most handsome dog breeds, but they have so many other outstanding qualities. At Petland, our Schnauzer puppies for sale are equally unique and sought after. Want to know more about them? […]

Siberian Husky Dogs are a very popular breed because of how utterly beautiful they are! However, these are not just beautiful they have some pretty awesome qualities that a lot of people do not know about. Though they look a lot like wolves they are in no way violent creatures. Huskies are some of the […]

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